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Fellow Space Systems Designer,

finding the right components and suppliers, top level specifications, data sheets, heritage and performance, my coworkers, my students and I find consumes a lot of systems engineering time and effort, often during a proposal or Phase 0 activity already short on resources.

To streamline that critical part of architecting space systems we formed, a small group of space systems engineers who specialize in shopping - finding the best components to meet the requirements of your system design, including accommodation for constraints like country of origin, heritage and possible ITAR restrictions.

I’m writing to offer to you our service on a consulting basis which I think you will find cost effective and time saving. We can help your design and/or proposal team with minimum impact on their time and resources, providing you with the actual, available component data you need with their full specifications and information on their suppliers result being a more technically and cost credible design.

We can turn around your request quickly on a fixed price or level of effort basis.

I hope you’ll contact us at the email addresses below and give us the chance to save your team a lot of work and at the same time provide concrete results which will add credibility and realism to your next systems design.

Thanks for your consideration


Giuseppe COLONNA


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